Chinese Food at Bayview Court

In North America, there is Chinese food and there is Chinese food. The former always includes chicken balls with a half inch batter coating served with a high viscosity artificially intense orange coloured sauce. This kind of Chinese food is not usually consumed by Chinese people and can often be found for sale in food courts and suburban strip plazas. The latter does not include the aforementioned chicken balls and is consumed by actual Chinese people. In Toronto, these real Chinese restaurants can be most often identified by a prominence of Chinese writing on the signs over, or even to the exclusion of, English. If you want great Chinese food, you have to find one of these kind of restaurants (in our humble opinion anyway!)

One such spot is Bayview Court at Major Mackenzie and Bayview Avenues in Richmond Hill. The food is so good, I ate half the prawn balls before remembering to take a nice picture for the blog:

Prawn Balls

I also highly recommend the “house special” seafood fried rice. Last time out, we tried the deep fried chicken because, well, anything tastes better deep fried:

Deep Fried Chicken

We offset the damage by purchasing some health credits in the form of a Fish and vegetable dish:

Fish & Vegetables

Great food. We highly recommend Bayview Court!

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