Chia Seeds Featured on CNBC

Chia seeds have been featured this week on CNBC, where they wonder whether chia is the next big superfood. Chia isn’t mainstream yet, but has a growing following amongst the nutritionist and health community. Thanks to Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, which describes the use of chia in a drink called iskiate, long distance runners and other athletes are beginning to extol the virtues of this amazing seed. According to CNBC:

The next superfood though is a name you might know: Chia seeds. Yep, the very same seeds that you spread over your kitchen pet are now valued as a superfood…its filled with fiber, potassium and antioxidants, and it’s good for athletes of endurance sports because it holds water well.

Here’s the video segment:

Mentions of chia in the mainstream press should bump demand. It’s a versatile seed that food manufacturers might consider using in some of their products to leverage this growing awareness amongst consumers. If you’re a manufacturer looking into chia, we can help you with your application and supply both standard, and certified organic chia. Contact us to arrange for a sample. Consumers can purchase chia both online and in a growing number of traditional retail outlets.

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