Chia Seeds Improve Hair Growth?

Chia Head

I suppose we all want to look good. Thick, healthy, beautiful hair is a big part of having an attractive appearance. This is probably one reason why hair care products have the highest sales volume of all non-food items in the United States. It’s estimated that the hair care market in the United States is worth over $6 billion!

Now I’m not so sure chia is the natural Rogaine, however, equestrians have been using chia seeds for some time to naturally provide horses with a healthier skin and coat, and to promote strong hoof growth. So does it have the same effect with human hair? According to a recent article by Alexsis Grovenor:

If you want to ensure you always have healthy hair you should follow a routine. In much the same way you have a skin care regime you should have a hair care regime. In order to have lovely hair you need to use a hair loss product or hair growth product to treat the hair. However, you should go one step further by taking a daily supplement. Chia seeds contain all the goodness your body needs to produce healthy hair.

We’re going to leave this one alone! However, as we’ve noted before, chia is pretty amazing. It’s gaining a lot of attention as a nutritional powerhouse. We think it’s a great candidate for use in food applications, providing a boost in nutritional content. And who knows, maybe it’ll help with that bald spot!

Chia Seeds for Natural Hair Growth

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