Purple Corn Drink: The Next Big Superfood

We’ve been promoting purple corn drink for some time. What’s known as chicha morada in peru, or simply “chicha”, is an¬†antioxidant-rich drink. Antioxidants are believed to be beneficial since they can inhibit or slow down oxidation through the neutralization of free radicals and hence delay or prevent ageing as well as prevent certain diseases. Antioxidants can be found in the form of phenols and anthocyanins and it is these water soluble anthocyanins that are responsible for the purple-red colour of purple corn.

We’ve noticed that purple corn is starting to get noticed in the mainstream media. KABC, the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles recently ran a segment on chicha where they also point out the health benefits:

The blue corn contains anthocyanins, which is a plant chemical that is known to help fight the challenges of high-blood pressure and cholesterol…Studies on animals taking the extract of purple corn also found it helps regulate blood sugar and fat function as well.

Check out the segment for yourself:

Purple corn drink may be next big superfood

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