Real Food. Real Taste.

How many “Thai” restaurants have you been to, only to find that the dish is more Chinese in taste and style than what it’s suppose to be?

Real Food, Real Taste – this is my catch phrase for 2011.

Real food means natural ingredients.

Real Taste means authentic flavours.

Real Food, Real Taste are what consumers are looking for when they purchase food products or eat at a restaurant. The description of the food product or meal has to be more specific. Is it from the Yucatan or Oaxacan? Is the dish prepared and served as you would find it in Mexico or is it “Tex-Mex”

Real taste or authenticity is what you can delight your customers with if you use the real ingredients.   Kecap Manis is not Hoisin sauce.   Galangal is not ginger – they just do not provide the same depth of flavour.   Brown sugar is not coconut/palm sugar so an equal substitution would produce a sweeter than expected taste.    If you have never tried smoked paprika from the de la Vera region of Spain, then you have not tasted real smoked paprika.   Paella and chorizo just don’t taste the same without this key ingredient.   Paprika that is found in the supermarket is bland, so consumers associate paprika for just adding colour on devilled eggs.

It would also help if the chef or developer has had the chance to taste the actual target at the place of origin and has seen how it is served.    In most situations, the customer has lived in or travelled to distant countries, has savoured the dish and they just want to relive that experience.   It could get very disappointing when an advertised item does not deliver.

Real Food means using raw materials that are either fresh or minimally processed.    When you cook with vanilla beans, it provides such a big difference compared to using ethyl vanillin or an artificial vanilla flavour.    The cost of natural ingredients are often higher, but the satisfaction derived is also greater.

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