Les Aliments Morehouse Canada, Inc. Appoints Ingredient Hotline, Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, October 31, 2011 —  Ingredient Hotline, Inc. has been appointed by Les Aliments Morehouse Canada, Inc. as the industrial representative and distributor of their full line of premium quality mustards to food manufacturers in Canada.

“Morehouse Foods has been awarded the gold medal winner in the classic American Yellow mustard category, as well as earning medals for the the Deli/Brown mustard and flavored categories. The honour is a tribute to the ongoing excellence of our products. We can also customize our mustard products depending on the needs of our customers” adds Ken Crawford, Sales Manager, Les Aliments Morehouse Canada, Inc. “It is with great pleasure that we partner with Ingredient Hotline to increase the distribution of our great line of mustards to food manufacturers across Canada.”

Maria Januszczak, Director of Sales and Business Development, Ingredient Hotline, Inc. states, “We align ourselves with ingredient manufacturers that produce high quality, clean label products and those that aim for excellent customer service”. Maria adds that we can now offer Canadian food processors a shorter lead time , a fresher product and the option of working with sulfite-free mustards.

About Ingredient Hotline, Inc.

Ingredient Hotline, Inc. is a leader in providing unique and natural food ingredients to the nutritional and food processing industries. Applications include bars, bakery products, nutritional beverages, confections, and more. For more information, visit us at www.ingredienthotline.com

About Les Aliments Morehouse Canada, Inc.

Morehouse first began making mustard in 1898. Since then, they have remained focused and committed to making a number of new varieties to satisfy the creative desires of the 21st Century consumer. The Morehouse Canada facility produces a full line of mustard with a dominant position in the manufacture of Dijon. This plant is equipped to duplicate the Dijon mustards long considered unique to the Dijon region of France. For more information, visit www.morehousefoods.com

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