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Natural Food Expo East 2010 (Boston, MA)

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The show floor is open!

I do enjoy a good trade show and the Natural Expo was one of them (the All Candy and Snack Expo is another).   The Expo East was smaller than ExpoWest but there were a number of interesting things to see and try.

For Expo East, the three top trends that I noticed in the food category were:

1. Gluten-free

There has been a phenomenal rise in gluten-free offerings in recent years.    It would be interesting to compare it with the actual rate of people being diagnosed with gluten-related conditions.   Are gluten-free products healthier?     Alternative, more complex grains to wheat certainly are!   Quinoa, amaranth (or kiwicha) are high in protein and have a wonderful, nutty taste when roasted.     Other flours such as rice, mesquite, oats, tapioca and even coconut flour are great options too.    However, these types of flours are often combined with gums such as xanthan and even pectin to achieve that chewy, moist texture characteristic of wheat breads.

2. Agave Sweeteners

Stevia was the popular topic last year.  However, it is still not officially approved in Canada as an ingredient and it has an unplesant cloying sweetness that lingers even when you don’t want it to.    Should it be considered natural when it has already been bleached and refined?

Best agave packaging with an Agave Cookbook author

Enter Agave,  a by-product of tequila processing.

The taste of agave is more pleasant than stevia and it is also now available in a powder form (Brand Aga-Fit).   Agave is available in many different colours  (clear, dark brown, amber, golden), which can be confusing.     A number of companies claim that blue agave is superior over other types.  But controversy looms in the high content of fructose in the syrup.

3. Fruits everywhere!

Similar to the IFT in Chicago – fruits in many different forms were everywhere!

In the juice category, coconut water was very popular.    I tried each one and there were major differences in flavour.    Coconut water ( at least the coconut water I grew up with)  need to come from young coconuts to get that fresh, clean tasting juice or water as they call it.    If it matures beyond 6 months, that is when the flesh starts to mature and the water develops an unpleasant taste.   The “Zico” and “Taste Nirvana Real Coconut water” brand were the least favourite of mine.    They tasted like juice coming from mature coconuts – mature enough to grate or they could be from concentrate.

Both O.N.E. and Vita Coco were true to the natural source.     I added Naked coconut water in the comparison even if it was not at the show – it also gets top marks from me.     These brands are all unsweetened and unflavoured.

The best combination that I’ve tried of the flavour varieties was the coconut-lychee combination.    This combination was very nostalgic for me.  We use to eat this at  my grandmother’s house for the local fiesta, when they ordered this huge steel vat of sherbet made of young coconut water with the coconut meat, sugar and lychee fruits.  It was a wonderful treat in such hot weather.

Dried fruits have come a long way from the typical syrup infused and sun or air-dried form such as the prune or the raisin.    The drying process has evolved to try to retain colour vibrancy, taste and vitamins.   There come in several forms, shapes, textures and sizes.     Freeze-dried fruits are crispy but to the point where the texture almost feels artificial.   The cost of freeze-dried fruits are also very high.    Swell-dried fruits or “Puffed fruits” combines the air dried fruit with changes in atmospheric pressure to “puff up” the dried fruit.  The effect is a very crispy fruit chip that retains a lot of the flavour and colour without the “freeze-dried” texture or cost.   YogaVive featured their apple chips at the show, their fruits are processed in China.    Please refer to the Ingredient Hotline, Inc. website for the ABCAR-DIC process.  The technology has been applied to several different types of fruits and vegetables with much success.

More exotic fruits from South America and Asia are expected to turn up in the coming shows.  There are still a number of fruits not yet commercialized but are packed with antioxidants and other nutrients.

Penta Water - Patented water??

Patented water?   Hmm, not too sure of that.     It tastes the same as bottled water, wonder if it has the same freezing point.   It was explained to me that their filtration process alters the size of the water molecules, thus making it easier to absorb into the body.     I am still preplexed how a filtration process, which is suppose to be a physical process – how it can possibly cause changes at the atomic level?!

Boston Clam Chowder with Oyster Crackers

A fitting end to a great day of walking the show floor – a hot bowl of authentic Boston clam chowder soup with a side of oyster crackers.

No Meat No Diary: You Won’t Be Depriving Yourself

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Just a quick note to let you know we are at the Natural Food Expo in Boston this morning! Here’s a shot of actress and activist Alicia Silverstone signing her new book The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet:

Alicia Silverstone

In the book, Alicia makes the case that meat, fish, and diary are behind increasing rates of disease and the cause of damage to our ecology. We’re not so sure about that ourselves, however, The Kind Diet introduces incredibly delicious food, including desserts sans meat & dairy. We also like the Flirt to Vegan to Superhero distinction. Personally, I’ll be sticking to my meats and milk for the time being! If you are at the Natural Food Expo today, look for us roaming the floor or find us at the Andean Naturals booth.

What’s Hot at IFT 2010

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

GNT Booth

It was great to see old and new faces at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2010 in Chicago. Even better was the fact that they had added the Process Expo with the IFT Food Expo at McCormick Place – as it provided more interesting things to see all under one venue.

The top themes that seemed to dominate the show floor:

  • trans-fat options
  • fibre in all shapes and forms
  • inclusion of fruits

The “regulars” were omnipresent in several booths: probiotics, natural colours, antioxidants, acai and stevia. Even though stevia is old news, it was interesting to see a new version that does not need any masking agents (i.e. flavours) for its lingering sweetness. For a few of us observers, GNT won hands down for having the most attractive booth.

Other notables included puff snacks with purple corn extract and therefore high in antioxidants. Quinoa is becoming mainstream. The pistachio booth offered a quinoa salad with pistachio slivers and goat cheese which was delicious. The Innova booth is always an interesting one to visit – I hope they remember to send me the information they had promised! Here’s a couple more pictures:

Show Floor

Brenda & Maria

CIFST Suppliers Night In Montreal

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

This is a quick note to mention that we’ll be at the 22nd annual Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology’s (CIFST) suppliers night next Thursday, April 15 in Montreal, Quebec. Everyone and anyone in the food industry can attend this free event. It’s a great opportunity to network, and find out what’s new. You do not need to be a CIFST member to attend and no pre-registration is required – all you need is a business card to get in! If you would like, you can download the invitation.

The show runs from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Place Forzani, 4855 Louis B Mayer, Laval Quebec, H7P 6C8.

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2010 Food Industry Trade Shows

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

To find out what’s in store for 2010, here is a handy and quick guide to this year’s events and trade shows that are related to the food industry.

If you like, you can also download the list!

CIFST The Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Tabletop Events

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Here is the latest schedule of events to find Ingredent Suppliers serving the Canadian food industry.

  • Nov 17, 2009      International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario  (2-6 pm) 
  • Feb 2010             British Columbia 
  • April 15, 2010     The Place Forzani, Laval, Quebec

All Candy Expo 2009

Monday, July 6th, 2009


May 20-22, 2009 McCormick Place, Chicago

The All Candy Expo was a great show to see.  The show featured manufacturing companies for mostly confectionery products with some participation from snackfood companies.  The snackfoods and confectionery segments are some of the few items that continue to see sales growth despite the economic turmoil.

Some of the highlights were mostly for chocolate products, these included:

  1. Higher percentage of cocoa content = dark and darker chocolate
  2. Functional inclusions: probiotic, omega oils, antioxidants, fibre
  3. Exciting flavours geared for adults: wine flavours, spices
  4. Frutis in chocolate: air dried or powders etc.
  5. Peanut butter

Most innovative: Le Whif  (Each cylinder contains 1 calorie of chocolate taken in two puffs.    Drawback: plastic packaging and messy when opened. 

Overall, it was a great show but the loot bag was too small to hold all the freebies!   :-)


View from McCormick

View from McCormick

IFT 2009

Monday, July 6th, 2009
YYZ Airport


 June 6-10, 2009   – Anaheim Convention Centre

The trip to and back from the IFT was more eventful than the show itself.   It started at the security area of the airport.    People were lined up when I got past customs.    There was a suspected security breach and people had to wait for more than 30 minutes.

The IFT at Anaheim was predicted to have a lower turn-out compared to last year’s show in New Orleans.   The actual show was indeed smaller with fewer booths.   However, it seemed there were more attendees or “walkers” rather than exhibitors.  The booths were also more modest with minimal samples given out.

The themes from the various booths were on antioxidants (yum berry anyone?), the use of fruits (purees, powders, air-dried etc) and nuts -   Natural, natural, natural was still the overall theme!  

The most interesting for me was the booth of Garden Protein International from British Columbia in Canada.   They were selling meat analogues that looked and tasted like chicken!    I thought that they offered something healthy and delicious with a great texture. 

On my trip back, I was bumped off my flight.  Instead of landing at 10 pm that night, I took the red eye and came home at 6 am the following day.