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Dehydrated vs. Freeze Dried Fruit: What You Need To Know

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Swell Dried Apples

Both freeze dried and dehydrated fruits are popular because it extends the life of fruit while allowing for all kinds of interesting applications that would simply not be possible with fresh fruit. However, freeze dried and dehydrated fruit are not created equal! While both start with fresh fruit, the process involved is very different. WiseGeek outlines the processes:

Dehydration involves putting the fruit in a warm environment which causes the water to be removed from the fruit over time. Traditionally this is done by laying cut fruit in the sun or on a warm surface. A more modern technique involves the use of equipment designed to remove the water from the fruit. Crucially no chemicals are added to the fruit nor is it necessary to add sugar. When you take the water out of fruits, the natural sugars become concentrated and the dried fruit will be sweeter than usual. Dehydrated fruits usually have a somewhat pliable texture.

Freeze drying is a more complicated procedure. First the fruit is frozen and put into a vacuum that will gradually extract the water content. Heat is applied such that the frozen fruit thaws quickly while the vacuum extracts the water. Freeze dried fruit retains the taste of fresh fruit but with a crispy texture.

Using unique procedures such as a swell drying process, Ingredient Hotline can provide crispy fruit that is not freeze dried, but instead completely natural: no added oil, acrylamide, fat, salt, sugar or other chemicals. ¬†Contact us if you’d like to learn more about this unique product that allows for new and innovative applications using dried fruit.

What’s Hot at IFT 2010

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

GNT Booth

It was great to see old and new faces at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2010 in Chicago. Even better was the fact that they had added the Process Expo with the IFT Food Expo at McCormick Place – as it provided more interesting things to see all under one venue.

The top themes that seemed to dominate the show floor:

  • trans-fat options
  • fibre in all shapes and forms
  • inclusion of fruits

The “regulars” were omnipresent in several booths: probiotics, natural colours, antioxidants, acai and stevia. Even though stevia is old news, it was¬†interesting to see a new version that does not need any masking agents (i.e. flavours) for its lingering sweetness. For a few of us observers, GNT won hands down for having the most attractive booth.

Other notables included puff snacks with purple corn extract and therefore high in antioxidants. Quinoa is becoming mainstream. The pistachio booth offered a quinoa salad with pistachio slivers and goat cheese which was delicious. The Innova booth is always an interesting one to visit – I hope they remember to send me the information they had promised! Here’s a couple more pictures:

Show Floor

Brenda & Maria