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We Will Sell No Wine Before Its Time

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Do you remember Orsen Welles plugging Paul Masson’s finest? It’s been a few years (decades!), but as any wine drinker knows, a lot of wine is sold before its time. As the Wine Economist explains:

Immature wine is sort of like the flat-pack furniture they sell at Ikea — all the pieces are there, it is up to the consumer to take them home and complete assembly. Wine buyers are supposed to take immature but age-worthy wine home, stash it under the stairs or in a climate-controlled wine storage appliance, and remember to bring it out when the time is right.

Our question to you is, when laying down that age-worthy wine, why stop at a “climate-controlled wine storage appliance” when you can have a whole climate controlled wine cellar? And that brings us to today’s feature: Genuwine Cellars.

Founded in 1995 by Robb Denomme and Lance Kingma, alumni of the prestigious International Sommeliers Guild, Genuwine Cellars designs and builds truly amazing custom wine cellars. The product lines are extensive with a variety of price-points to meet absolutely any budget: they offer two fully modular product lines, two fully customizable product lines and a product line they call the Architectural Series where the sky is the limit in terms of design possibilities. Each of the product lines achieves a different goal and aesthetic value, so there is something for every taste. Just look at these pictures:

We also like the fundamentals the company is built on, which they aptly describe as the Art & Science of Cellaring. A company built on a passion for great wine,  these guys are into wine cellars! And Canadian no less. Hopefully they won’t have any trouble coming to Toronto to install one in our place! We really encourage you to look into Genuwine Cellars if you are thinking of putting a wine cellar in your home.

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